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IBFAN was founded in 1979.  It is a network of 273 groups in 168 countries.  Member groups include consumer organisations, health workers associations,…More

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Are you a healthy trending youth in support of breast feeding? Click here and engage in a lively discussion with other youths around the world!!!!! Your input is important to Us!

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Pattie Rundal comes clearly on Conflict of Interest during the Regional Conference key quotes from her Presentation:

Sponsorship is…
"a payment by a business firm... for the purpose of promoting its name, products or services. It is a commercial deal, not a philanthropic gift.”
UK Government definition, quoted in, The Spread of Sponsorship, Bloodaxe Books (Shaw 1993),

“….international capital at the top is mobile and is running circles around governments....”

Jeffrey Sachs quoting a CEO and talking about The Price of
Civilisation BBC Radio 4 Today :

Do PPP work
“Literature is awash with case studies that are little more than company publicity….We found little in the way of independently generated high-quality evidence of the impact of PPPs on reducing child malnutrition.”
Global Nutrition Report 2016

“Tying corporations up in regulatory straightjackets is unnecessary when companies such as Nestlé already have sound principles and core values.”

Peter Brabeck, Nestle Chair and CEO, AGM 2010. Vice-Chairman, Foundation Board, World Economic Forum.

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IBFAN Africa 9th Regional conference 2016 start on a high note with more than 14 countries present; Theme of the Conference is Translating the Global Strategy for Strategy for IYCF into Optimal Maternal , infant and Young Child Nutrition........Imperial Roayle Hotel Kampala- Uganda ...

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